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Instant Passion

المؤلف: The INSTANT-Series الراوي: The INSTANT-Series كتاب صوتي

How to Find Your Passion in Life Instantly!
Do you feel like your life is meaningless?
What is the purpose of life anyway? Actually...what is the purpose of YOUR life? What is your biggest drive? What do you want most out of it?
If you don't know the answers, then you lack passion in life, or simply don't know what your passion is.
What is your passion?
It's what makes you get up every morning, ready to tackle the world for whatever life has to throw at you. It's what pushes you through tough times when everything else around you is falling apart, to get back on your feet again. It's what gets you excited all over again when you have lost your way, to keep going no matter what.
Your passion is a very personal emotional thing; it's innate. It's all your "wants" and "wishes" to make you feel fulfilled and accomplished. Nobody can tell you what you should be passionate about. You have to uncover and discover that for yourself because you can't ignite that passion without knowing what it is. But how?
Within "Instant Passion":
* How to rediscover and refuel your long-lost or hidden passion, to get you all fired up about doing what you love.
* How to stay focused and keep whatever you're passionate about going, not quitting when things get tough.
* How to set the perquisites properly to start working on your passion, to avoid losing interest down the road.
* How to also get others involved with your contagious passion as a support network to help each other out.
* Plus, custom practical "how-to" strategies, techniques, applications and exercises to get passionate about what you love doing.
...and much more.
Would you like to go to your deathbed with regrets because you never followed your passions and pursued them, letting them die with you?
If you're stuck at a stationary standstill where you're at in life, it's time to light that flame within yourself again, to turn ember into wildfire. Own up to your passions now!

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