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From Ordinary to Extraordinary: A Year Long Devotional to Discover What God Wants to Do With You

Auteur: John F. MacArthur Voorlezer: Milton Bagby Luisterboek

Best-selling author John MacArthur draws from the lives of the apostles and twelve special women in the Bible to encourage, inspire, and lead Christians in their daily walk.

In Twelve Ordinary Men and Twelve Extraordinary Women, John MacArthur unveiled some of the Bible’s most important men and women, showing how God selected them for important Kingdom assignments. Now, in From Ordinary to Extraordinary, Dr. MacArthur hand selects the most powerful moments and lessons from their stories to encourage, inspire, and lead Christians.

With a daily reading from Dr. MacArthur and a scripture passage, this devotional gives Christ followers the companionship of Bible heroes who faced many of the same challenges they face each day.

© 2021 Thomas Nelson (Luisterboek) ISBN: 9781400232383

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