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How to Survive in a World of Unbelievers: Jesus' Words of Encouragement on the Night Before His Death

Auteur: John F. MacArthur Voorlezer: Maurice England Luisterboek

How should Christians conduct themselves in an increasingly secular society?

Jesus answered this troubling question on the eve of His death with some of the most poignant, powerful teachings in His entire ministry. During those hours, Jesus taught His apostles and, consequently, all believers throughout history, How to Survive in a World of Unbelievers.

Respected pastor, teacher, and author John MacArthur plumbs the depths of Jesus' final words of encouragement to us based on John 13-16. By studying this valuable book, you will find answers to these and other difficult questions:

• How can you remain purehearted and spiritually sound in a church seemingly full of hypocrites?
• How do you help your children stay morally pure when they want to "fit in" with school friends who prefer objectionable activities?
• How can you keep your family anchored to Christ in a society that is drifting far away from His teaching on family issues, such as divorce, homosexuality, and abortion?
• How do you retain your Christian ethics when your boss asks you to lie or cheat?
• How can you keep your life focused on glorifying Christ in a society that proclaims self, pride, and personal achievement as marks of success?

A study guide is available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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