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Berenice from Cappadocia: the no hero's journey - dawn

Autor: Adriana Martins Ebook

Berenice is not a hero; she is an ordinary person who had to go through tortuous paths, like all of us. But if Berenice experienced difficulties, like all of us, what does she have to teach us?

Berenice's lessons derive from the person she becomes regardless of so many stones in her life. This is the great teaching of Adriana Martins personified in her non-heroine.

Despite the storms we all go through, what really defines us is what we become during and after such storms. Overcoming daily pains and still allowing ourselves to live with joy and wisdom is not easy, but I assure you that a certain shepherdess from Cappadocia can help us on this journey.

© 2021 Máquina de Escrever (Ebook) ISBN: 9786587517230 Tradutor: Amarílis Okida

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