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Bought And Knocked Up By The Sheikh

Autor: Yarah Isabell Ebook

Right here? So soon? No condom?

When Aamilah gets a dream job offer and a first-class ride to Dubai, she knows it's strange but is too caught up in the moment to question why she was chosen. Her question is answered as soon as she meets Sheikh Omar Aladem, who tells her the shocking truth.

His wife is infertile.

She looks just like his wife.

He needs an heir.

Aamilah will get the shock of her life as she's presented with an offer that renders her speechless - let the handsome billionaire take her rough, unprotected, and for the first time in exchange for unimaginable wealth. She has to make up her mind quick - the Sheikh doesn't like to be kept waiting.

© 2017 Salacious Stories (Ebook) ISBN: 9788826081175

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