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Fantasia & Scifi
7H 55min

Cursed by Death: A Graveminder Novel

Autor: Melissa Marr Narrador: Kristin James Audiobook

The dead don't always stay dead in Claysville… and in the afterlife, Death himself can't be trusted.

Amity Blue has begun to remember strange impossible events, her ex trying to bite her and people vanishing like mist. Everyone in town swears a mountain lion is responsible for the recent deaths, but Amity is sure that there's more to the story.

After a stalker-a dead stalker-appears at the bar where she works, Amity discovers that the dead don't always stay dead in Claysville. Along with the current Graveminder, Rebekkah Barrow, Amity seeks out the enigmatic Mr. D, who seems to be Death himself, only to discover that the centuries-old contract to protect Claysville has been broken.

Caught between life in a cursed town and Death himself, Amity and Rebekkah must find a way to put the dead where they belong-because if the hungry dead keep rising, everyone in town will be lost.

© 2021 Tantor Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781666100402

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