Erotic Collection 27

Erotic Collection 27

Erotic Collection 27

CJ Edwards


Six more sizzling erotica shorts from Charlotte Edwards:

Annabelle the Party Pony

Catching the gorgeous American college girl shoplifting in my shop had been a real bonus. Both her and her trophy-wife mom were now effectively my slaves. I had already used both of them at the store and had visited the yummy mummy in her hotel suite to make my point clear. Now it was young Annabelle's turn again. She was to be my ticket to a very exclusive party - as part of the entertainment.

Completely Corrupted

Joel and I were hooked on sex. We had no hang-ups – no holes barred, as the expression went! We’d enjoyed a long and fruitful marriage by being completely open-minded.

Nineteen-year-old Lily was a challenge. For the first time ever, I lucked out at a party! Was I losing it and getting old? Joel came up with a great idea to get my confidence back. We were going to seduce our dog sitter.

The Bull Pit

Le Manoir aux Cinq Sensations, was the ultimate rich man's playground. It offered every sexual vice and legal perversion to discerning members. I was responsible for running the most popular of all the events found within: The Bull Pit - where rich men came to watch their women.

More than Expected

After dumping my cheating boyfriend, I was sick of men and a girly get together sparked my lesbian curiosity. She was a few years older than me but had something that really interested me. Then my bitchy friend, Sharon told me she was a shemale. I didn't believe it but all the same, now I was doubly curious!

Casting Gemma

I was a successful adult movie casting agent, with all the big studios on my books. Okay, I wasn’t! But all the gorgeous wannabees who came through my door didn’t need to know that! In fact, I was a successful businessman with cash to spare and a high sex drive. I had a temporary studio set up, ads running and cameras installed. All I needed to do was sit back and let the desperate young women come to me!

Tentacle Hotel

Something ancient stirred below the streets and lodgings of Central London. It was once vaguely human but that was a millennia ago. Now it was probably hideous to look upon but that didn’t seem to matter. It hungered, but not for food, rather it needed something more… pleasurable!


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