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From Broken to Beautiful: 9 Secrets That Will Transform Your Marriage

Autor: Sarah Jane Patton Ebook

A step-by-step journey to help you discover your truth, let go of fear, and dig you and your spouse out of the deepest of relationship ruts.

From Broken to Beautiful shows women how to adjust their communication with their husbands in order for them to have the relationship they truly desire. It walks women through Sarah Jane Patton’s real-life triumphs and tribulations that led her to healing and happiness. After reading From Broken to Beautiful, women and their husbands will: • Talk again every day with ease, like they used to
• Go on dates and fall in love all over again
• Help each other understand one another’s feelings without arguing
• Save their marriage from ending in divorce

© 2020 Morgan James Publishing (Ebook) ISBN: 9781631950162

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