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The Sheikh's Degraded Plaything: Billionaire Sheikh Erotic Romance

Autor: Yarah Isabell Ebook

When Nadirah starts getting close to her boss, Sheikh Naseem Bin Alal Al Said, everyone takes notice. Especially Naseem's mother, who rudely makes a point to pull her aside and tell her that she has no place hanging out with royalty. So when Naseem invites her to an exclusive party for the rich and famous, she says no. But Naseem doesn't take no for an answer.

Nadirah reluctantly accepts the invitation, but what she doesn't know is that Naseem wants much more than just her company. Things will get heated and fast when he grabs her by the hand and leads her to a room away from the party, where he does things to her a boss shouldn't do to his personal assistant.

With no hesitation… or protection.

© 2017 Salacious Stories (Ebook) ISBN: 9788826088761

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