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Victorian Era Reluctant Marriage Bundle

Autor: Juliet Pellizon, Lovillia Hearst Ebook

These Victorian Lords are sexy, dominant, and love nothing more than to throw an insolent serving girl over their lap and spank her bare bottom in front of all to see. Pleasure and pain intertwine as raw sexuality collides in a time before condoms were invented.

Bent Over By The Cruel Lord

Greta dresses up as a boy to try to steal from the local markets, but the plan goes wrong when a muscular Lord grabs her by the scruff of her neck. When the Lord discovers her secret, Greta finds herself spanked in the public square - and that's just the beginning, to her pleasure. Set in Victorian London.

In The Cruel Hands Of Lord Coleridge

A gambling husband is the downfall of Lady Jane Blair, but she’s not prepared to simply accept it when he goes further than ever before and actually loses their home to a rival in a game of cards. She visits Lord Coleridge to beg for a way to change things, but what he would want to allow them to keep the house is almost too high a cost to bear. A night with her to cancel the debt wasn’t what she expected… but if her husband was going to force her to negotiate with Lord Coleridge, then why should she feel bad for enjoying it, especially if she can teach her husband a lesson at the same time?

Public Humiliation

When Ada gets a new job as a maid at the manor of her crush Lord Samson, she is determined to do her best. However, during her first dinner service, her nerves get the better of her and she accidentally spills desert into an esteemed guest's lap. Lord Samson decides to make an example out of her right then and there, with a thorough spanking - and he wants to do it in front of every guest. Ada can't help but enjoy it, and as soon as Lord Samson notices he takes full advantage.

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