Viking Impregnation Bundle

Viking Impregnation Bundle

Viking Impregnation Bundle


This 3-for-1 collection contains the following explicit erotic stories:

Ravaged By The Clan:

When Carly visits Norway, she stops by the Museum to check out the Viking exhibit. Tall, blonde, and muscular, Vikings have always had a place in Carly's fantasies. Her curiosity leads her to the backroom of the museum, where she spots an unusual artifact. As soon as she touches it, she finds herself transported to a far-off land. When she runs into a clan of wild, lust-filled Vikings she realizes that she hasn't just teleported - she's gone back in time. The Vikings understand she's an untouched beauty, so they'll take her to their chief… but only after the entire well-hung group take turns filling her up!

Dominated By The Viking:

When a Viking horde takes control of her seaside village, Gwen fears they will bring suffering to all. That turns out not to be true, and it quickly becomes clear that the muscular men have other ideas. When three take up residence in her home, she becomes their cook… although it's more than good food they want from her.

Sold As A Viking Thrall:

Working as a servant in a Saxon village comes to an end for Farah when the place is attacked by Viking hordes. Even though she's excited to be out of bondage, there's still the matter of being taken captive by the Norsemen. She knows that if she is impregnated by a Viking, by law the Vikings can't keep her captive in wartime, and she thinks of a crazy but effective plan. Knowing the men won't be able to resist after a year of fighting, she leaves herself exposed, and soon finds herself in the dominant possession of a rugged man who wants everything she has to give him.

This is an explicit Viking erotic romance with themes of breeding and domination.


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