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Violated By The Sheikhs

Autor: Yarah Isabell Ebook

Vanessa moaned and held on tighter as she felt the other Sheikh press against her back at the same time…

Vanessa is caught in between two incredibly powerful men, Sheikh Saleem and Sheikh Bilal. They always compete against each other, so when they both take a liking to the beautiful - and married - casino employee, they make a bet right then and there to see who can bed her the fastest.

One Sheikh is a force to be in awe of, but both of them combined make it impossible for Vanessa to resist. The only question is can she stay faithful to her husband, or will she find herself being taken in every way?

One thing is for sure - if the Sheikhs get what they want, they'll claim her lustfully, rough, and completely unprotected.

© 2017 Salacious Stories (Ebook) ISBN: 9788826087740

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