The Fairy Who Flew Too Much - Neil Gardner

The Fairy Who Flew Too Much

The Fairy Who Flew Too Much

2.0 1 5 Kirjailija: Neil Gardner Lukija: Michael Fenton-Stevens
Saatavilla äänikirjana.
This is the second adventure of WHISPER WINGS, a very special fairy indeed…although she doesn’t know it yet! Growing up and learning to be a North Shores fairy is an exciting, but slightly scary time for WHISPER WINGS. She’s a little different from all her fairy friends, and she doesn’t know whether she will ever fit in. But with the help and love of her friends and teachers, WHISPER WINGS is about to discover something amazing about herself, and learn an important lesson at the same time. In book 2, WHISPER WINGS starts to enjoy flying so much that she finds herself in a scary and difficult place, whilst her friends worry about where she has gone. Will she find her way home to the North Shores fairies with the help of some new found friends? WHISPER WINGS OF THE NORTH SHORES FAIRES is a brand new series of short fairy stories by award winning radio & audio director/writer Neil Gardner, read by the imcomparable Michael Fenton Stevens, and featuring bespoke composition by James Dunlop. Perfect for children of all ages, but written with 4 8 year olds in mind. A series of uplifting and exciting adventures that help youngsters learn about inclusivity, friendship and some important life lessons (sharing, responsibility, paying attention, listening to adults, taking care, etc…)
Kieli: Englanti Kategoria: Lapset Sarja: Whisper Wings Of The North Shores Fairies: 2 Kääntäjä:

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Julkaisija: Spokenworld Audio/Ladbroke Audio Ltd
Julkaisuvuosi: 2014-01-01
Pituus: 18M

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