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British Serial Killers - S01E02

Kirjailija: Lone Theils Lukija: Sarah Paul Äänikirja ja E-kirja

Fred West is said to have murdered at least 12 people, some of them together with his wife Rose. The victims were buried in the basement and garden of their home, which became later known as the House of Horrors. The couple tortured and even killed their own daughter. How it is possible that they have could commit their horrible acts for such a long time, even after several warnings to the authorities about the circumstances in the family, remains a question till this day.

© 2021 Storytel Original (Äänikirja) ISBN: 9789180114899 © 2021 Storytel Original (E-kirja) ISBN: 9789180242127 Alkuperäisotsikko: Britiske seriemordere Kääntäjä: Cindy Lynn Brown

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