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Anne of Green Gables

Author: Lucy Maud Montgomery Narrator: Piper Goodeve Audiobook

The Anne of Green Gables Seasons Edition--Fall:

• Presents L. M. Montgomery’s beloved novel, widely viewed as a shining example of the quintessential children’s novel, though readers of all ages have fallen in love with Anne, the Cuthbert siblings, and all of their friends.

• Explores such important themes as imagination vs. reality, the pressures of social expectations, and the differences between true emotion and mere sentimentality.

When 11-year-old orphan Anne Shirley is mistakenly sent to live with siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert on their farm, she finds herself in a real home for the first time in her life. But fiery, spirited Anne certainly isn’t the sturdy boy they had planned to adopt. Despite her mischief and affinity for finding trouble, the longer Anne stays at Green Gables, the harder it is for the Cuthberts to imagine life without her.

© 2021 Thomas Nelson (Audiobook) ISBN: 9780785253174

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