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Dead on My Feet

Forfatter: Patricia Broderick Innleser: Cris Dukehart Lydbok og E-bok

Looking for a new lease on life, Nellie find herself on the dead beat.

Milo is dead. And Nellie Bly has to write his obituary. Not exactly what she was hoping for when she left her post as the local weather girl in Kansas for a posh Southern California beach side community. But as more and more upstanding citizens of La Joya turn up dead in ghastly ways, Nellie and her pals at the Coastal Crier join forces with Detective Wendy Nakamura to follow the murderous trail of a ruthless cartel that traffics in endangered wildlife.

When Nellie’s eccentric landlady, former B-movie actress, Dame Catherine Cavendish, begins to drop hints that threaten to bring to light the dark secrets of the village, unsettling incidents begin happening at the Cavendish estate, endangering the motley crew of scribes. Greed, betrayal, vengeance, gangsters and old Hollywood glamour make for great copy—if Nellie can stay alive long enough to meet her deadline.

Dead on My Feet is a quirky tongue-in-cheek adventure that will leave you breathless.

© 2021 CamCat Books (Lydbok) ISBN: 9780744302264 © 2021 CamCat Books (E-bok) ISBN: 9780744302295