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Top 25 Afrikaans Questions You Need to Know

Top 25 Afrikaans Questions You Need to Know

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Going to South Africa? and looking to make friends? Don't leave home without the Top 25 Afrikaans Questions You Need to Know! In this powerful audio book, you'll master responses to all the basic questions, from "What's your name?" to "Where are you from?" and more. Built into every lesson you'll find opportunities for extensive practice, self-review, and self-evaluation. By the end of the audio book, you'll not only be answering these questions, but asking them yourself! If you haven't studied Afrikaans but want to be well prepared for simple social situations, this is the audio book for you.

Why are the audio lessons so effective?
-Short and to the point
-Twenty-five eight-minute lessons make them the perfect length
-Syllable-by-syllable breakdown of each word and phrase so that you can say every word and phrase instantly
-Repeat after the professional teacher section so that you can practice proper pronunciation
-Quick cultural tips in each lesson will help you navigate your way even better
-Above all, fun and relaxed approach to grasping a lot of information quickly and easily

You see, unlike other audio books, we actually teach Afrikaans and it's culture. With each lesson, you will master frequently asked questions in daily conversation and key vocabulary. This is a complete lesson taught by a professional, bilingual teacher! Listen to the preview now! This is not a vocabulary audio book with just words and their translations.

These 25 short and effective audio lessons will allow you to:
Speak Afrikaans within minutes of your first lesson
Ask and answer the 25 most frequently asked questions
Perfect your Afrikaansi pronunciation with built in prompts and exercises aimed at getting you speaking
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Опубликовано: 2019-11-12
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