Sweet Hunger

0.0 0 5 Автор: Teresa Shields Parker
How Can I Be As Hungry For God As I Am For a Cookie? From the author of the number one Christian weight loss memoir, Sweet Grace: How I Lost 250 Pounds, comes Teresa's long-awaited nine-session Bible study. For years I craved sweets and comfort foods. When I was lonely, tired, angry, depressed, overwhelmed, stressed or even happy, my first reaction was to run to my drug of choice. My god had become my stomach. God was not on the throne of my life. In order to lose 260 pounds, I had to put God back in His rightful place as my Lord, Master and King. I had to let Him lead me every step of the way. The result was understanding that God's heart's desire is that we all come closer to Him. I have come a long way from when I weighed 430 pounds. I now understand life is about stepping into the assignment God has for me, not eating whatever I want, whenever I want. This Bible study will relate to whatever is holding you back from doing the same, whether it is food, drugs, alcohol, bad relationships, lying, cheating, poor choices or just a plain old rebellious spirit. Designed for personal Bible study, the nine lessons, questions and activities in Sweet Hunger can also be used for groups. The FREE Sweet Hunger Leader's Guide is available from TeresaShieldsParker.com. Also available for purchase from her website are nine Sweet Hunger video teaching sessions.
Язык: английский Категория: Психология Переводчик:

Издатель: Write the Vision
Опубликовано: 2018-03-13
ISBN: 9780986159206

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