BEHAVIOR : Improve Communication & Sales Performance in Real Estate - Brian Icenhower

BEHAVIOR : Improve Communication & Sales Performance in Real Estate

BEHAVIOR : Improve Communication & Sales Performance in Real Estate

5 4 5 Автор: Brian Icenhower Чтец: Ed Nash
Unlock the secret of Behavior—what it means and how it impacts you—and harness it for successful client communication and increased sales performance.

In this engaging and easy-to-follow book, veteran real estate coach and consultant Brian Icenhower shares what he has discovered about the crucial relationship between human behavior and every facet of the real estate business. From basic beginnings to a deep-dive into the DISC behavior model, this exhaustive book provides invaluable insights into the nature of behavior and how to apply it to everything you do in real estate.

You’ll learn to identify different behavioral types and modify your communication style to effectively build relationships with all types of clients and people. Not only will the client leads that you generate significantly increase, your level of customer service and lead conversation rates will dramatically improve. You’ll gain insight on which types of business marketing and lead generation methods are the best fit for your behavioral style, and even how behavior impacts hiring and training within real estate teams.

Regardless of your specialty, location, or client base, our tried and tested techniques will help you build instant rapport and communicate more effectively with prospects and clients alike. Behavior will push you out of your comfort zone and teach you that you don’t have to enjoy every business-generating activity in order to get incredible results. Behavior will show you how to harness your strengths while overcoming behaviors that are holding you back from success. Behavior will show you that we’re all different, so why be the same average agent as everyone else?
Язык: английский Жанр: Экономика и Бизнес Переводчик:

Издатель: Author's Republic
Опубликовано: 2018-08-01
Длительность: 4Ч 53М
ISBN: 9781982725532

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