The Tao of Allowing - GP Walsh

The Tao of Allowing

The Tao of Allowing

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The idea that our inner state actually creates outer conditions is a powerful shift in mainstream perception. The surprising success of movies like "The Secret" have had a powerful effect on the psyche of everyone who has seen them. It promises wealth, health, perfect relationships and yet, very few of those things have been delivered. Why hasn't this esoteric knowledge had the effect that was promised, both for individuals and for humanity as a whole?

The answer, according to GP Walsh is our misunderstanding of the emotional and psychological forces that operate within the minds and bodies of all of us humans. We are in unconscious resistance to the very things we desire to manifest. So what is the opposite of resistance? Allowing. According to GP (longtime spiritual teacher and meditation master) it is a spiritual law of the heart that we need to align with.

It is really “the way things actually are.” In other words, it is the Tao. It is nature itself. It is a Way of Being!

The Tao of Allowing is a way of harmonizing with life. Instead of trying to force it to our will, we allow ourselves to flow with life. Like the Wright Brothers, who experimented for years before getting that 1st plane off the ground, you need to understand your own nature.

“Working with G and embracing his teachings, I started to listen to the voice inside. I started to listen to my body! What I got was a screaming and yearning for ME to come out. I took the leap and now I can see from the other side, what started with listening to that voice with the guidance of G, I am now 100% doing the work I love. Only a few years ago I would have ignored the inner voice, I would have said, oh no, I can’t do that. Here is the kicker...I am making way more money as I continue to say yes. “ “I love G and I always love how he makes the concepts that are so hard to grasp easy for us mere humans to understand.” ~ Beth
Язык: английский Жанр: Философия, религия, эзотерика Переводчик:

Издатель: GP Walsh
Опубликовано: 2019-09-01
Длительность: 3Ч 29М
ISBN: 9781094229973

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