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A June Bride

Автор: Marybeth Whalen Чтец: Julie Lyles Carr Аудиокнига

A year’s worth of novellas from twelve inspirational romance authors. Happily ever after guaranteed.

The reality show ended with an engagement, so why doesn’t this feel like the fairy tale she thought it would be?

The Rejection Connection hardly sounds like the place to fall in love, but Wynne Hardy walked off the reality-TV set with an engagement ring. And in the whirlwind of publicity and preparation that follows a TV-bride-to-be in her fifteen minutes of fame, Wynne barely has time to consider how she really feels about her new fiancé . . . to say nothing of how she still feels about her ex.

As the wedding plans develop, so too do Wynne’s doubts: Is she in love with Andy? Or is this really about Callum—the ex-boyfriend who sent her onto Rejection Connection in the first place? A nationally televised snub might be the best revenge . . . but is it a good reason to get married?

When Callum resurfaces at the worst possible moment, Wynne can’t help wondering if she’s made a huge mistake. Is her marriage a publicity stunt? And what happens when the cameras stop rolling, and she has a husband she barely knows?

“What a fun project this has been! Even while I was immersed in writing the story of ‘my’ bride and groom, I kept wondering about the other authors’ characters. I can’t wait to meet the rest of the happy couples!” —Meg Moseley, author of A May Bride

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