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Basic Python in Finance: How to Implement Financial Trading Strategies and Analysis using Python

Автор: Bob Mather Чтец: Jack Lipski Аудиокнига

Are you looking to automate your trading strategy? Are you looking for a more efficient way of completing your financial analysis?

Python is the answer.

While looking to gain summarize our knowledge on the subject, we realized that there was a lot of information available in books and the internet. However, there seemed to be too much information. There were 500-page textbooks on the subject that had very little practical use. They were pretty useless for beginners just like a dictionary is useless for anyone trying to learn a language. All these books had tons of theory with no step-by-step guide.

There were a whole bunch of other blogs that had basic programming information with no relation to financial strategies.

With this in mind, this book starts you off with a step-by-step guide to install Python on your computer; and plot/visualize relevant financial data. Later in the book, you can build on your basic knowledge to learn more about advanced financial analysis and trading strategies to move forward. This book is what you’ve been looking for.

Here’s What’s Included In this Book:

5 Reasons why Python is the best programming language for implementing financial trading strategies

4 Basic Trading Strategies for Success that most people have forgotten

The Importance of Time Series Data in Trading Analysis

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up your Python workspace

How to Import Time Series Data from Global Databases into Python

4 Different Methods and Examples to Analyze Data with Python Pandas

The Best Python Methods to Visualize Data to make Effective Decisions

4 Common Python Financial Analysis tools to decide which securities to invest in

5 Trading Strategies to forecast market trends

Even if you have never touched a computer in your life so far, you will gain a lot from this book.

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