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Career Finder: Where to go from here for a Successful Future

Автор: Gill Hasson Чтец: Esther Wane Аудиокнига

The quest for the work and a career that's right for you-that's fulfilling and that you enjoy-is a process of discovery. It involves learning about yourself and finding out about the wide range of work and careers available. And it involves finding out how best to access the work or career you're interested in.

Whether you have no idea what work or career you want to do or there's too many options and you can't decide, Career Finder will help you discover what's right for you and how to go about achieving it.

- Understand how the world of work and careers is changing

- Overcome limiting beliefs, identify your strengths, skills and values and build your confidence

- Identify-from the wide range of career options-the best possibilities for you (not what other people think you should do!)

- Discover the opportunities that will lead to the work and career you're interested in

Whatever's happening in the world and whether you've just started thinking about a career, want to go in a new direction, or have a complete change, Career Finder will guide and advise you. You'll be prepared to move toward a career that you enjoy and works in harmony with your life and who you are.

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