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Combat Prayers to Crush the Enemy

Автор: John Ramirez Чтец: Ramon de Ocampo Аудиокнига

Satan prowls around, ready to pounce on our every weakness, fill us with fear, and destroy our intimate relationship with Christ. But we are not defenseless. We have weapons of warfare enabling us to be spiritually aggressive and face the devil head on. Rather than lose ground in our faith, we can live armed and dangerous!

In this handbook of militant prayers, evangelist and ex-satanist John Ramirez helps you prepare for and move into advanced combat. He covers topics such as strengthening your position as a warrior, opening your spiritual eyes, releasing the thunder of God against the devil, loosing God's blessings, and more!

We have the authority and the mandate to destroy the works of the devil. Let's do it!

© 2021 christianaudio (Аудиокнига) ISBN: 9781545916209

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