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Frommer's Rio de Janeiro Day by Day

Автор: Alexandra deVries Электронная книга

Rio de Janeiro is currently the hottest of all the world's pleasure capitals. In the run-up to 2016's summer Olympics, millions of people will seize the chance to enjoy the great Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, the countless nightclubs where patrons join in a frenzy of Brazilian dances and samba, the restaurants where "churrascaria" serves you 12 new types of meat (in one meal), and to do all this prior to the time when an avalanche of Olympics visitors will flood into this spectacular city. Our guidebook, "Rio de Janeiro Day by Day", is designed to maximize the enjoyment of your visit, by suggesting how to allocate your time and focus on what is truly worthwhile. The best-selling "Day by Day" guides are famous for improving a touristic visit. In compact handy form, and featuring four-color photos of the city's major sights, these remarkable guides have shown millions how to schedule their time--and they do that now for Rio de Janeiro.

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