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Guided Meditations for Self Healing: Mindfulness and Transcendental Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety and Pain Relief - Quiet the Mind and cure Panic Attacks (for Beginners)

Автор: Mindfulness Meditation Institute Чтец: Diana Michelle Аудиокнига

If you want to heal Yourself and overcome Trauma, then keep reading!

How many times have you heard that meditation has the power to help the self healing process and speed up the overcoming of past traumas? Granted that it is absolutely true, it is understandable that you might have not been completely convinced by those claims.

After all, it is not a secret that to those who do not practice meditation, these techniques might seem too complicated and at times even a little goofy.

To be completely honest, this is a true shame, as meditation can lead to truly amazing results, when it comes to understanding and overcoming traumas of all sorts. From unwanted breakups to physiological and psychological conditions, meditation can be a loyal ally in the battle for mental health.

Even given that, most people still have issues with meditation, due to what it seems just a too complicated and boring set of techniques. But what if this what not the case? What if meditating could be fun and exciting?

That is the aim of this book: making meditation simple!

Here is what you will discover:
The exact steps to get the most out of meditation, even if you have zero experienceHow to overcome past traumas in just 50 minutes per day, without taking drugsThe secret emotion that speeds up the healing process and how to unlock itThe one mantra that makes overcoming traumas much easier and how to use itA guided, step by step approach to make meditation exciting and helpful
Self healing is a serious topic, that is why every meditation in this book is backed up by studies that show concrete and tangible improvements. In short, we took the goofy parts out of meditation and left only the good stuff, just like you wanted!

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