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Is That You, Miss Blue?

Автор: M.E. Kerr Электронная книга

A teenager whose parents have separated tries to adapt to life at a boarding school and make a fresh start in a strange new place
After her mother runs off with her much-younger boyfriend, fourteen-year-old Flanders is shipped off to a boarding school in Virginia. On the train, she meets Carolyn Cardmaker, a preacher’s daughter who will become her best friend. She also meets Ernestine Blue.
Miss Blue is Flanders’s faculty advisor at the Charles School, where each residence hall is named after a Charles Dickens novel. But Miss Blue’s strict disciplinarian persona may be concealing a tragic past. As Flanders adjusts to life at school—which includes a deaf roommate and a terrifying blind date—she discovers surprising things about Miss Blue . . . and herself.
A coming-of-age novel that transcends the ordinary in its perceptive, empathetic depiction of Flanders and the people in her life, Is That You, Miss Blue? takes us into a world where not everyone can be taken at face value—and where strangers can become unexpected friends.

This ebook features an illustrated personal history of M. E. Kerr including rare images from the author’s collection.

© 2013 Open Road Media Teen & Tween (Электронная книга) ISBN: 9781480455498


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