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Making Abolitionist Worlds: Proposals for a World on Fire

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• Making Abolitionist Worlds discusses the radical intersectionality of today’s social movements from the abolition of prisons and police to feminism, queer liberation, and more.

• Continues the work of Abolishing Carceral Society to offer a primer on what visionary activists mean when they connect the interlocking systems of repression, exploitation, and racism.

• A powerful call to join abolitionist movements in this country to address the roots of injustice.

• The question of abolition has gained significant traction in recent debates about police, prisons, as well as border detention and deportation—from #BlackLivesMatter to #AbolishICE. The question that must be answered: after abolition, what next? Making Abolitionist Worlds offers multiple perspectives and potential answers outside the confines of established politics.

• Covid-19 made clear the inhumanity of prisons during a public health crisis.

• Advances the critical debates brought to light by Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow and Angela Davis.

• Deepens our understanding of both the prevalence of incarceration outside prison walls, as it extends across society, as well as the relationship of prisons to borders and other systems of punishment based on social difference.

• Like no other publication, Making Abolitionist Worlds brings us to the frontlines of community-led initiatives that boldly imagine what abolition looks like and connects readers to the multitude of practical experiments in abolition.

• Abolition Collective is comprised of leading scholars and activists in the world of criminal justice reform. The project is unparalleled in both its contributing members and its audience, from academics to incarcerated prisoners, as well as from students to veteran activists.

• Prominent scholars, including Nick Estes, Steven Salaita, Dylan Rodriquez, and Robyn C. Spenser, have contributed to this volume.

• Art including that made by incarcerated political prisoners.

• Endorsements from: Laleh Khalil, Jackie Wang, and James Kilgore

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