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The Isles of the Blest

Автор: Morgan Llywelyn Электронная книга

The mighty Connla is weary from the tiresome and bloody battle fought in the name of his father, Conn, and his land, Erin. Willingly, he lets himself become intoxicated by the surreal beauty of a fairy-woman who offers to take him to a faraway, forbidden land where all his desires will be fulfilled. He welcomes the opportunity to be away from the gruesome war that has consumed his life for so long, but what price will the warrior pay to be in a land void of death, loss and pain? Does the pleasure of the company of the stunning stranger outweigh the price he must pay to remain in THE ISLES OF THE BLEST?

© 2014 Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller (Электронная книга) ISBN: 9781497631151

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