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The Rocket Brothers - The Thief from Baker Street

Автор: Preben Dahl Электронная книга

A mysterious airplane lands in airport on the central part of Denmark. A break-inn shakes a nearby castle. The Rocket Brothers Christopher Dam and his older brother Jonathan find themselves involved in an international criminal smuggler case - and as if that wasn't enough Christopher discovers that he can talk to ghosts. On a school trip to London, he ends up far too close to the headquarters of the thieves, and suddenly he must give all he has to help the police stop the thief from Baker Street.

Preben Dahl (b. 1963) is a Danish author and journalist with experience from tv and news paper. He lives with his family in the central part of Denmark. The idea for Rocket Brothers arose, when his two sons ran out of books on a trip through Europe.

© 2018 SAGA Egmont (Электронная книга) ISBN: 9788711857595 Переводчик: Kristine Kjaer


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