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The World's Weirdest Places

Автор: Nick Redfern Электронная книга

The author of Memoirs of a Monster Hunter reveals the incredible secrets of paranormal sites from the Bermuda Triangle to Loch Ness and far beyond.

In World’s Weirdest Places, Nick Redfern shares his personal top 25 paranormal-themed locales, and the strange, amazing, and diabolical things that lurk within them. From the legendary Loch Ness, Scotland, to the slopes of Mount Shasta, California; from the dark depths of the Solomon Islands to the heart of the Kremlin; and from the magical landscape of Sedona, Arizona, to the turbulent waters of the Devils Sea of Japan, The Worlds Weirdest Places reveals the strangeness that exists all across our planet.

Redfern covers all manner of unexplained phenomena, including Bigfoot, aliens, ghosts, vampires, UFOs, lake monsters, enigmatic vortexes, werewolves, and demons. From the supernatural to the just plain strange, World’s Weirdest Places takes readers on a truly unique journey.

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