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Virtual Country

Автор: Richard Lang Чтец: Todd Haberkorn Аудиокнига

Virtual Country examines the current nexus of technology and western democracy, pointing to a historical opportunity for We the People to evolve our democracy to include a new public institution that enables a coherent, collective voice on the issues that affect us all. The book’s centerpiece is a proposal for a new online institution for citizen reengagement—the National Town Square. The Square would be a transparent, citizen-led, noncorporate, nongovernmental, nonpartisan online venue for individual advisory voting, moderated discussion, and fact-verified education on issues selected by citizens themselves. Virtual Country also examines the surround issues and risks associated with allowing the influence of big money in politics to be extended to online democracy. A must-listen for anyone interested in both the risks and opportunities presented at this historic moment in democracy’s evolution.

© 2018 Waterside Productions, Inc. (Аудиокнига) ISBN: 9781538589700


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