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Women Rising: Learning to Listen, Finding Our Voices

Автор: Meghan Tschanz Чтец: Emily Ellet Аудиокнига

Fresh out of college, hating her job, and searching for meaning, Meghan Tschanz left everything to join a mission trip around the globe, and quickly witnessed oppression experienced by women that she never thought possible.

Over the next several years, she befriended women around the globe who had survived sex trafficking, female genital mutilation, and violence so extreme Meghan wondered at the women's survival. Through listening to their stories, Meghan started to notice a pattern-one that pointed to systems of injustice that harmed and held women back-systems, Meghan realized, she was often complicit in.

She was changed.

Returning to the United States, Meghan became keenly aware of how the teachings and messaging surrounding women in her own upbringing were part of the problem. In the process, she began to find her voice, one that spoke out against injustice and moved her into tension with her Christian community.

Women Rising is Meghan Tschanz's personal journey of transformation. But it's also a Christian blueprint for anyone wanting to confront injustice against women while pointing to a biblical standard for gender equality.

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