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Domestication: Battle Mage Farmer

Author: Seth Ring Narrator: Michael Kramer Audiobook

A world on the precipice of the apocalypse. A secret forged in the flames of war.
A chance to start over.
For John Sutton, only one of those three things matters.
Retired from a decade of brutal war, he wants nothing more than a quiet pastoral life while he does his best to stem the steady increase of his Doom Points before they hit 100, signaling the start of the end.
He’s been given a small farm on the outskirts of the empire as a thanks for his service, but no matter how far he travels, it’s impossible to escape the war’s devastating effects on the world.
Bandits, suspicious townsfolk, a mysterious pair of siblings, and a secret that lurks in the mountains all threaten John’s peace. It will take all of his considerable power to keep from burning everything to the ground.

© 2022 Recorded Books, Inc. (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781705059272

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