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Mindfulness in 8 Days

Author: Kathirasan K Narrator: Thomas Judd Audiobook and E-book

Mindfulness is the art of living in the present.

It is a way of finding happiness by paying attention to the world around us – and more importantly, to the world within us – at any given moment. In an age of distraction, we are in danger of losing sight of what is truly meaningful to us. Mindfulness brings focus and awareness back into our lives.

Practising mindfulness for just a few minutes a day will help you to:
- Reduce stress and anxiety
- Boost productivity and creativity
- Manage chronic pain
- Improve personal relationships

This concise and powerful book is an ideal introduction to a practice whose effectiveness has been demonstrated in many research studies. Make mindfulness a part of your life. Start your journey here.

© 2016 K. Kathirasan. Published in paper format in Singapore by Marshall Cavendish Editions, recorded by Storyside 2019.

© 2019 Storyside (Audiobook) ISBN: 9789178897629 © 2017 Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) (E-book) ISBN: 9789814779135

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