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Revival Rising: Preparing for the Next Great Wave of Awakening

Author: Mark Nysewander E-book

The history of the church is full of revivals. While these potent movements of the Holy Spirit are not constrained by one location, language, or cultural identity, there are consistencies that help us understand the climate and spiritual posture in which God works at an accelerated pace.

In Revival Rising: Preparing for the Next Great Wave of Awakening, Mark Nysewander explores the dynamics of high-impact revivals, believing that even a limited knowledge of the supernatural realities in a revival can stir us to contend for God’s next wave of power.

This challenging book will undoubtedly inspire you, and might even shock you. Press in, and allow the Spirit to excite you toward another awakening no matter what it looks like. God still speaks through these past waves of power. As you read, you might hear a voice from history calling out, “Will you pray for the next revival until it comes?”

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