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9H 39Min

The Way It Should Be

Author: Christina Suzann Nelson Narrator: Cindy Kay Audiobook

After years of estrangement, the lives of Zara Mahoney and her twin sister, Eve, are suddenly intertwined again. When Eve’s troubled lifestyle causes the
state to contact Zara about taking custody of Eve’s two children, Zara feels wholly unprepared. Besides never knowing she was an aunt, her new house, new
husband, and plans for the future were meant to give her a fresh start.
Meanwhile, Eve may have a real chance at a new beginning with the help of Tiff Bradley, who, after facing a heartbreaking tragedy in her own family, is dedicated
to helping women everyone else has given up on.
Over the course of one summer, all three women’s hearts and lives hang in the balance as Eve desperately works toward a new life. Can they redefine their
expectations of how life should be to find the hope they—and those they love—so desperately need?

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