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Deel 2 van 12
Young adult

Monster Tamer: Volume 2

Auteur: Minto Higure E-book

Majima Takahiro welcomes his former assailant, now given the name Gerbera, as his third servant. With Lily and Rose still recovering from their ferocious battle, Takahiro begins exploring the forest alone with Gerbera in hopes of finding more monster companions. But he has a mountain of problems weighing on his shoulders, from ensuring the safety of his group to improving the strained relationship between Rose and Gerbera. Not to mention he still hasn’t figured out his own relationship with the human Katou. On top of all that, now Takahiro has to decide whether to change course toward a potential human presence Gerbera informed him of or continue struggling through the dense and dangerous forest in this unfamiliar world.

© 2020 J-Novel Club (E-book) ISBN: 9781718330047 Vertaler: Hikoki

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