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Creative Mind

Автор: Ernest Holmes Разказвач: Rainer Heden Aудиокнига

Be more Creative, every Day, every Hours, every Minutes or every Seconds and if possible every MOMENT.

This book is an attempt to explain what each soul must discover for himself, that he stands in the midst of an eternal creative power which presses itself around his own thought, and casts back to him glorified all that he thinks. If it awakens within the consciousness of one single individual the realization that the mind of the Universal (which is the only mind that there is) is his own mind that the creative power of this mind is his also; that the manifestation of this mind is his own individuality; that the love and power and peace of this mind is within himself, it will not be written in vain. May it then do much in simplifying and bringing to light some of the deeper mysteries and meanings of life.

© 2020 Vidya Publications (Aудиокнига) ISBN: 9781094279466

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