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A Joosr Guide to… Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari: A Brief History of Humankind

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Today humans stand tall as the dominant species on planet Earth, but it wasn't always this way. It took us millions of years to climb from the bottom of the food chain, and you might be surprised at what we've learned-and lost-along the way.

Humans don't have the strength of bears, or the speed of cheetahs, of the flight of eagles. We're born weak and helpless in a world full of hungry predators, ready to devour us at the first chance. And yet today, humans dominate the planet, covering the earth with our society and unique culture. A lot has changed since our foraging days, and in Sapiens, you'll walk through history with the earliest humans, watching them ascend from foraging for bugs and hiding from beasts to creating powerful empires and soaring into the stars.

You will learn:

· Why humanity's future may be in cyborg engineering

· How the discovery of farming completely altered human lifestyles-possibly for the worse

· What makes human communication so much better than every other animal's.

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