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Drop the Diet, Drop the Weight

Autor: Vera LaRee Libro electrónico

Learn to win at the weight loss game by freeing your mind and body from the attitudes that keep you stuck in a dieting rut.

Cult survivor and longtime fitness enthusiast, Vera LaRee has spent her life mastering the art of staying free of systems that hold the mind hostage. She is a former bodybuilder competitor who now devotes her life to dismantling the idea of a thin supremacy. In Drop the Diet, Drop the Weight, those who are sick of their weight being a problem learn: • How the dieting industry is working against them to keep them trapped in weight gain
• How to stop letting deeply hidden body image issues manipulate them
• How to leverage their own body and mind to work with their goals
• How to learn to trust themselves to end their weight struggles

© 2020 Morgan James Publishing (Libro electrónico) ISBN: 9781631950056

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