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Business School Books Volume 2: Basic Principles of Management

Auteur: Introbooks Team, Can Akdeniz Narrateur: David Willams Livre audio

When we think of management, our mind jumps to planning, directing, paperwork, organization and objectives. In other words, management can be defined as the means and resources necessary in order to achieve our objectives. You can find the basic principles of management in all sorts of organizations, no matter how small or large they are, if they charge for their activities or if they are non-profit. One cannot have realistic expectations regarding the success of their business without possessing a fundamental level of understanding of how a business actually works and how it should be managed. If a business owner fails to acquire a refined managerial skill, his or hers business is most likely to fail as well.

This book takes it upon itself to guide the reader and to walk them through the process of starting a business and manage it on the way to success. We are here to show you how to deal with all sorts of situations like crises and other unpredictable factors. We believe that communication, organizing and evaluating both the human resources and the material resources are key factors to a good business plan. By the end of this guide, we believe that our readers will be able to develop pragmatic thinking, and to understand how successful businesses are run, just like a Master of Business Administration would, without having to pay or attend expensive classes.

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