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Policiers et suspense
7h 29min

Different Paths

Auteur: Judy Clemens Narrateur: Tavia Gilbert Livre audio

When dairy farmer Stella Crown’s friend, veterinarian Carla Beaumont, is carjacked, it’s just the first in a rush of vicious attacks on the town’s leading businesswomen. A truck driver, a minister, and a personal trainer also become victims of vandalism and theft. But the community is shaken to the core when the kindhearted Dr. Peterson is found murdered in her office.

As Stella searches for a connection among the victims, she finds much that doesn’t seem right in her usually quiet town. Given her suspicions of steroids at the local gym, irate patients at the doctor’s office, and Carla’s brand-new boyfriend, Stella’s not sure where to focus her attentions. But focus she must, or more women will die.

© 2008 Blackstone Publishing (Livre audio) ISBN: 9781481567572