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Policiers et suspense
6h 29min

Hubris: Detective Inspector Munro murder mysteries Book 11

Auteur: Pete Brassett Narrateur: Neil Macgillivray Livre audio

DI Charlie West and irrepressible ex-detective James Munro return in a new murder mystery. HUBRIS is the eleventh book to feature retired detective James Munro and his protégé DI Charlotte West.
When a sheep farmer boards a stricken fishing vessel stranded on the shore, he is in for the shock of his life. Within lies the body of a man who is inside out. The police find a filleting knife in the hold, covered in the victim's blood. DI Charlie West arrives on the scene, and given the obvious disembowelment, immediately determines that a murder has taken place. The boat is otherwise abandoned, but detectives soon trace the owner, a man well known to the police. He has a clear alibi but after some less-than-delicate probing, his story springs a leak. However, the investigation is thrown into confusion when a local girl goes missing. What is the connection to the gutless sailor? Or the arrogant boat owner?

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