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Journey Together: Turn Your Marriage into the Adventure of a Lifetime

Auteur: David Hawkins Narrateur: Mike Chamberlain Livre audio

Get Ready for the Love of a Lifetime

In Journey Together, bestselling author Dr. David Hawkins gives you a roadmap to a romance that endures. A licensed clinical psychologist and marriage counselor with more than forty years of experience, he's seen firsthand that a healthy, happy marriage can stand the test of time-but it requires intentional pursuit and a receptive, ready heart.

Whether you and your spouse are newlyweds or you've been together for decades, your connection will be strengthened as Dr. Hawkins teaches you to: make the unhesitating, continual decision to appreciate the person you've married; receive constructive criticism well-and put your spouse's feedback into action; champion emotional maturity and clear communication in your relationship; and seek win/win solutions to conflicts rather than treating your partner as an adversary.

Learning to love well is among the most exciting journeys you'll ever take, and though the trek is challenging, the payoff is tremendous. Journey Together will give you the tools to cultivate the deep-rooted affection and lasting intimacy you need to keep your romance evergreen.

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