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12h 30min

Lycanthropy and Other Chronic Illnesses

Auteur: Kristen O'Neal Narrateur: Soneela Nankani Livre audio

Priya worked hard to pursue her dreams of going to Stanford to study medicine, but the fallout from undiagnosed Lyme disease sends her back to her childhood home in New Jersey during her sophomore year—and leaves her wondering if
she’ll ever be able to return to the way things were. Thankfully, she has her online pen pal, Brigid, and the rest of the members of “oof ouch my bones,” a virtual support group that meets on Discord to crack jokes and vent about their own chronic illnesses.
When Brigid suddenly goes offline, Priya does the unthinkable: she steals the family car and drives to Pennsylvania to check on her friend. Priya isn’t sure what to expect, but it isn’t the horrifying creature that’s shut in the basement. With
Brigid nowhere to be found, Priya begins to puzzle together an impossible but obvious truth: the creature might be a werewolf—and the werewolf might be Brigid. As Brigid’s unique condition worsens, their friendship will be deepened and
challenged in unexpected ways, forcing them to confront their ideas of what it means to be normal.

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