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Mayo Clinic Guide to Better Vision

Auteur: Sophie J. Bakri Narrateur: Soneela Nankani Livre audio

“Given how much you depend on your sight every day, it’s essential to keep your eyes as healthy as you can.”
As the population ages, an increasing number of adults are at risk of vision loss. Dangers to vision include conditions such as age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and cataracts.
But age doesn’t have to put your eyesight at risk. Most vision loss is preventable and treatable. Keeping your eyes healthy and preserving your vision are critical lifetime investments.
Mayo Clinic Guide to Better Vision, now in its third edition, explores common eye conditions and what can cause them. The book also discusses various ways to treat eye disease, including medications, interventional therapies and surgery. In
addition, you’ll find information on healthy habits to preserve good eyesight, safety measures to prevent eye injury, and the latest advances in eyewear and refractive surgery to correct vision problems.
This practical guide is based on the advice of Mayo Clinic eye specialists who treat individuals with eye disease on a daily basis. Their message is that caring for your eyes is important no matter what your age. Steps you take now can help you see better for years to come.

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