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Développement personnel et bien-être
1h 34min

Meditation with the Angels

Auteur: Virginia Harton Narrateur: Virginia Harton Livre audio

This audiobook will help you to connect and work with your Angels & Archangels on a daily basis. There are also some powerful guided healing meditations to help you connect with the different Archangels to bring healing and peace to different areas of your life. You will learn how to know and feel when your angels are around and how to invoke their presence on a daily basis. In this audiobook Virginia uses her various skills which include mindfulness, body and breath awareness, guided visualisation, meditation, NLP and the healing energy of the Angels & Archangels to help you be the best version of yourself that you can be. This audiobook will help you to work with the angelic realm and become more aware of how your life can change by simply invoking the angels to help & guide you. Your life will change in so many positive ways. The angels and Archangels will help you to bring about this change. You are now making a conscious decision to open up to the beautiful energy of your Angels & Archangels to enhance your life and bring about positive change

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