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Développement personnel et bien-être
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Putting the Principles Into Practice

Auteur: Napoleon Hill, Judith Williamson Narrateur: Shannon Scott Livre audio

Other than food, shelter, and clothing, reading is the very next best thing that you can do for your children to prepare them for their future. Not only does reading enrich the mind but it helps young personalities grow and bloom into a sense of purpose with an understanding of what life is about.

Readers are leaders in all walks of life, and the gift of reading is a legacy for a lifetime. There is a void between young people of today and those from decades ago. Reading needs to be introduced and “massaged” into our children so that they will know where to turn for help and feel good about the process. Scientists, psychologists, and every reader knows the intrinsic value of reading in introducing children to life's values and beliefs that help sustain them into adulthood and even old age.

Reading is a passageway to the very best future that you can give a child. But, the books read need to be quality readings. They need to inspire imagination, creativity, dedication, discipline, and self-care that will create pathways in the brain that exceed what happens without reading.

The best way to increase vocabulary and reading comprehension is starting early reading to your children. This one activity is powerful and can increase the brain’s growth and activity throughout a person’s lifetime. By reading the children's rhymed stories written by Havilah Malone and Diane Lampe, you will be giving your child an appetizer that encourages them to find hidden nutrition in stories that can feed them for life.

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