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Quiet Impact - A Creative Introvert's Guide to the Art of Getting Noticed

Auteur: Drew Kimble Narrateur: Drew Kimble Livre audio

Are you an introvert trying to get noticed in a world full of noise? Learn how to take charge of your strengths and use them to your creative advantage. Do you worry that being an introvert will hold you back in your creative endeavors? It's time to stop thinking that 'being introverted' is a problem to be solved. This book will show you how to succeed by honing your natural abilities. As the founder of SkinnyArtist.com, Drew Kimble has taught many introverts like you how to develop their creative strengths.

By following his pragmatic advice, you'll learn how to get noticed in your field and share your story with your target audience, all the while never compromising who you are. In Quiet Impact, you'll discover: Why being quiet isn't the same as being shy, weak, or unhappy How to minimize the toughest challenges of being an introvert The unspoken relationship rules for introverts and how to navigate them effectively How to market yourself without feeling like you're shouting How to thrive in a noisy, extroverted world, and much, much more! The author knows from experience that you can get noticed without pretending to be something you aren't. Using a methodology that anyone can follow, you'll learn how to connect with your audience, show off your talents, and really take off in a world full of noise. Quiet Impact is the creative manual for introverts who want to get noticed by all the right people. If you like practical guidebooks full of proven advice and plenty of 'ah-ha!' moments, then you'll love Drew Kimble's career-changing book. Buy Quiet Impact to connect with your audience the right way today!

© 2016 Authors Republic (Livre audio) ISBN: 9781518937569

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